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What can we do to promote bulk shops?: A summary of responses to a survey on Bulk Shopping (Part 2)

By Murr-ma

Now I would like to continue my report with further results from the survey. This time I will focus on the question of how we can make package-free shopping more accessible. Let's take a look at what respondents had to say.

1. It isn’t always easy to find stores

The first problem is that people couldn’t easily find any stores offering Bulk Shopping. Some comments were very specific:

  • Please ask stores to post on their SNS pages if they support Bulk Shopping.

  • Make a map of stores that allow Bulk Shopping.

Based on these ideas, we created Kurun Kyoto’s Shopping Map.

2. Stores should have signs clarifying that they support Bulk Shopping

The next comment was about how nice it would be if there were signs somewhere in the stores, stating clearly that Bulk Shopping is welcome. Here are some additional suggestions people made on this point:

  • Some people might be more willing to try Bulk Shopping if there is a sign, so they don’t have to ask.

  • A recognizable and uniform Bulk Shopping Sticker would be helpful.

We liked this suggestion so much that we recently created Kurun Kyoto Bulk Shopping Stickers. We are now in the process of getting them out to as many stores as possible. This might really help spread the word about Bulk Shopping.

3. Stores should foster a Welcoming Atmosphere for everyone

Some people also mentioned that stores specializing in Bulk Shopping tend to be expensive and exclusive. Here are some specific comments:

  • The store really pushes environmental issues, and I feel like I don’t fit in because, at the moment, the environment is not my biggest priority.

  • “The best, but also the most expensive” doesn’t always work for me. Sometimes I appreciate being able to choose just “ordinary and cheap.”

In this regard, many of the stores that cooperate with Kurun Kyoto are actually just regular, community-based businesses. We are trying hard to ensure that everyone will be able to find stores that meet your needs.

4. More Information about the stores and what products are available would be nice

In addition, some people wanted to know more details about the stores before deciding to go try them. Here are examples of the kinds of information they asked about:

  • Products and prices

  • Compatible containers

  • Procedures (how to fill, measure, pay, etc.)

To meet these requests, Kurun Kyoto’s Shopping Map provides as much detailed information as possible about each store listed. We also plan to eventually add information about the stores on Instagram, as well.

5. It would be great to see bulk shopping options increase in different types of stores

A number of respondents expressed a wish for more and more different types of bulk shopping possibilities. Here are some specific suggestions: I would like to be able to do bulk shopping in convenience stores and supermarkets.

  • I want some of the stores in our local shopping arcade to offer bulk shopping.

  • I'd like to see more upscale stores focus on creating an easy-to-enter atmosphere.

  • I want bulk shopping to be as smooth and easy as possible.

  • There are no stores near me, so a delivery service would be really useful.

In order to help everyone meet your various needs, Kurun Kyoto is including many different types of stores--for both bulk shopping, and local businesses offering other features. Please check our listings to find options that work best for you.


We have now thoroughly reviewed all the various survey results. As we hope you can see, our activities have been directly inspired by the voices of shoppers like you. As Kurun Kyoto continues to evolve, we will strive to always keep in mind these suggestions from our users. We always welcome your advice and support. Thank you so much for reading.


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