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Introducing useful websites for eco-friendly living

Eco maps

Useful maps for daily life

Kyoto Eco Map

Robin, a member of "", created this map of eco-friendly stores in Kyoto. You can find not only shops where you can bring containers, but also vegan and organic shops, and repair shops.

Goodbye Waste

This is a nationwide version of a package-free shopping map produced by Greenpeace Japan.

There is a lot of information on national chain stores and stores with tumbler discounts.

Osaka "Hokasan" Map

This map is operated by Osaka and shows spots in Osaka where you can purchase food and drinks using your own containers. You can also search for other useful daily necessities.

My Mizu

MyMizu offers an App to search 200,000 spots, including cafes and public facilities, that offer free drinking water. It is also actively collaborating with local governments and companies.

Refill Japan

This organization provides a map of water supply spots nationwide and promotes the establishment of water supply spots. Recently, stores that allow you to shop with your own container have also begun to be listed.


Activities for garbage issues.

Kyoto City Waste Reduction Promotion Conference (Gomi-gen)

A Kyoto-based organization established by citizens, businesses, and local government to reduce waste and create an eco-friendly city. The newsletter "Kogomi Biyori," which can be viewed online, is full of useful eco-information.

Garbage School

A group on Facebook for people who are interested in waste issues. Information about garbage, seminars, events, etc. is posted.

Green Bird

An NPO conducting trash pickup activities in Japan and overseas, based on the concept of "a beautiful city cleans people's hearts." Even first-timers can participate without any preparation, so if you are interested, look for a team near you.


Reference for eco-life Sites, free papers, etc.

Less Plastic Life

A site for those interested in living a life with less plastic. You can find a wide range of information from familiar ideas to specialized information on plastic issues.

Road to Zero Waste Home

A practical report on translator Yuichiro Hattori's challenge to see what it would be like to live a zero-waste life in Japan, referring to the "zero-waste home."

Emerald Practices

A podcast to deepen understanding of environmental issues and animal welfare through talks with guests. It is full of hints and tips for living kindly to the environment, animals, and people.


A team providing approaches to issues around us, focusing on the 17 goals of the SDGs. The free paper "Ethical, From Here" features a variety of eco ideas every issue.

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