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Hello, we are Kurun Kyoto!

By Murr-ma

Thinking up a good name is hard. We all thought so. We want to help the environment. We want to get rid of plastic and promote zero-waste shopping. But how do you put that into a name? Seriously.

We considered various possibilities.

For example, "Connect.”

Connecting shops and customers. Connecting people. Connecting generations, by passing on nature’s gifts in the best possible condition.

Another idea was "circulation.”

Circulation of resources. Circulation of ideas. Rather than using things once and just chucking them, utilizing them through a cycle.

Or, what about, "from here.”

Rather than always looking backwards, and fretting about the future, thinking optimistically about what we can do right now. And then, looking forward and envisioning a brighter future.

Then someone suggested, "plus.”

Instead of dwelling constantly on the negative, proposing something positive, by adding to and improving upon our current lives. Creating positive change.

Environmental issues can get depressing. We all felt that the more positive a vision we are able to share, the more likely people will want to join us.


Spinning lightly. Wrapping gently.

Sounds good. Sounds right. Friendly. Cute, even. We all loved it.

Kurun spins the circle in which we gently wrap earth-friendly products. Within the Kurun circle, natural resources circulate, and like-minded people connect.

“Kurun Kyoto” is still young, and we are still finding our feet. But we have begun.


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